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OborWiki is a wiki / blog / CMS / PIM / knowledge base / general-purpose content website platform, based on PmWiki. Contact me for tips on setting up your own OborWiki-like server!

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Automatic Logo-Talk
Available wiki recipes
Available wiki skins
Available Wiki Recipes-Talk
Available Wiki Skins-Talk
Better Kill Sticky
Better Kill Sticky-Talk
Bitmap fonts demo
Bitmap Fonts Demo-Talk
Blackletter fonts catalog
Blackletter Fonts Catalog-Talk
Bonus fonts demo
Bonus Fonts Demo-Talk
Cache Control-Talk
Chart Generator
Chart Generator-Talk
Creating Access Toggle Buttons-Talk
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Display Fonts Demo-Talk
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Equation Editor
Equation Editor-Talk
Equation Editor Live
Equation Editor Live-Talk
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Fonts demo
Fonts Catalog-Talk
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Font Survey-Talk
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How to support OborWiki
How to Use Web Fonts on Your Wiki-Talk
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Initials Fonts Catalog-Talk
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Inter Wiki Reference-Talk
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Lesser Wrong Feed-Talk
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Markdown Demo-Talk
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Obor Wiki Backup Strategy-Talk
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PmWiki Troubleshooting for Admins-Talk
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Public Font Server-Talk
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Russian Fonts Demo-Talk
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Sage Cell-Talk
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Wiki Sandbox-Talk
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Wikis Hosted Here-Talk
XGopher - A native Mac gopher client
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Allow Loading of External Fonts-Talk
Alternate Recent Changes Example
Alternate Recent Changes Example-Talk
Cache Control-Talk
Category Buttons Listing
Category Buttons Listing-Talk
Circular click target demo
Circular Click Target Demo-Talk
Code Embedding Demo
Code Embedding Demo-Talk
Color perception (papers & other reference material)
Crawler Bot IP Ranges
Crawler Bot IP Ranges-Talk
Creating Access Toggle Buttons-Talk
Drop-caps demo
Drop Caps Demo-Talk
Dynamic PmWiki forms with HttpVariables
Dynamic PmWiki Forms with Http Variables-Talk
Enable Client Side Skin Selection-Talk
Etherpad Example
Etherpad Example-Talk
Etherpad Example 2
Etherpad Example2-Talk
How to allow loading of external fonts
How to create access toggle buttons (on OborWiki)
How to enable client-side skin selection on PmWiki
How to ensure that browsers properly cache assets on your site
How to stop the Enter key in text fields from submitting a web form
How to use webfonts on your wiki
How to Stop Enter Button in Text Fields from Submitting Form-Talk
How to Stop Enter Key in Text Fields from Submitting Form-Talk
How to Use Web Fonts on Your Wiki-Talk
Lesser Wrong Comments Collapse
Lesser Wrong Comments Collapse-Talk
List of “screen serif” fonts
List of Modern Serif Fonts
List of Screen Serif Fonts-Talk
OpenType in CSS
Open Type in CSS-Talk
Parsing Arguments in JavaScript
Parsing Arguments in Java Script-Talk
PmWiki Troubleshooting for Admins
PmWiki Troubleshooting for Admins-Talk
Public DNS Servers
Public DNS Servers-Talk
Sample Skin Template File
Sample Skin Template File-Talk
Smart Quotes User Script
Smart Quotes User Script-Talk
SSC Plus CSS-Talk
Useful PmWiki Tricks
Useful PmWiki Tricks-Talk
Useful Terminal Tidbits
Useful Terminal Tidbits-Talk
Using the Vector jumpbox
Using the Vector Jumpbox-Talk
Web Design Links
Web Design Links-Talk
Web Form Example 1
Web Form Example1-Talk
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Black Colossus
Black Colossus-Talk
Bongard Problems
Bongard Problems-Talk
Darkness (by Lord Byron, George Gordon)
Darkness Byron-Talk
Dolores (by Algernon Charles Swinburne)
Dolores Swinburne-Talk
Excerpts from Hard to be a God
Fable of the Keys-Talk
Fun Theory Sequence Index
Fun Theory Sequence Index-Talk
Group Header-Talk
Gygaxian Alignment
Gygaxian Alignment-Talk
Hard to Be a God Excerpts-Talk
Industrial Society and Its Future-Talk
Jordan SSC Talk
Jordan SSC Talk-Talk
Less Wrong Archive-Talk
Less Wrong Link Post Archive
Less Wrong Link Post Archive-Talk
Less Wrong Sequences-Talk
Levana and Our Ladies of Sorrow
Levana and Our Ladies of Sorrow-Talk
LW 2 Moderator Chat 1
LW 2 Moderator Chat1-Talk
Mister Tvister-Talk
Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam-Talk
Ruslan and Ludmila-Talk
Savannah La Mar-Talk
Slate Star Codex Archive
Slate Star Codex Archive-Talk
Something Wicked This Way Comes (by Ray Bradbury)
Something Wicked Bradbury-Talk
Soviet kids’ atlas
Soviet Kids Atlas-Talk
Star Diaries Twenty First Voyage-Talk
The Fable of the Keys
The Princess who overlooked one Seed in a Pomegranate
The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam
The Star Diaries: The Twenty-First Voyage
The Tragedy of Leonid Brezhnev, Prince of Muscovy
The Apparition of the Brocken
The Apparition of the Brocken-Talk
The Art of Controversy
The Art of Controversy-Talk
The Dark Interpreter
The Dark Interpreter-Talk
The Palimpsest of the Human Brain
The Palimpsest of the Human Brain-Talk
The Princess Who Overlooked One Seed in a Pomegranate-Talk
The Solitude of Childhood
The Solitude of Childhood-Talk
The Tragedy of Leonid Brezhnev Prince of Muscovy-Talk
What is Wrong with Our Thoughts
What is Wrong with Our Thoughts-Talk
Who is this Woman that beckoneth and warneth me …
Who is This Woman-Talk
Мистер Твистер
Руслан и Людмила