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Alpha Roadmap

This post is a list of things that Accordius (and the GreaterWrong client) absolutely must have implemented on day 1 before an alpha release can be made:

  • Unique branding, logo, CSS theme, etc
  • Some kind of collaborative data editor, even if it's just Google Sheets in an iframe.
  • Strong PmWiki integration, possibly federation protocol, transclusion, etc
  • FAQ's/Tutorials on doing blinded experiments, etc. These could be written by us or found somewhere, but they need to be available.
    • Clear statement of purpose/mission/goals/etc
    • Short history of rationality/empiricism/etc to help contextualize the tradition that WhistlingLobsters inherits from
    • Blind/Double Blind Experiment FAQ
    • List of useful measurement instruments and where to get them
    • Basic stats analysis tutorial
  • Relatively complete markup set for use in posts and comments, markdown extensions/etc.
  • Dynamic RSS Feeds (certainly at least RSS feeds, people want to be able to subscribe)
  • Mod Tools (hopefully won't have to use them for a while, but they do need to at least be present)
    • Ban model & API endpoint
    • Actually prevents user from logging in
  • User invite family tree/lineage data recorder and viewer
    • Recorder
    • Viewer
  • Ability to make invites and sign up with them
    • API Endpoints
    • Make Invites
    • Sign Up
  • Tagging
    • API Endpoint
    • View
    • Add