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OborWiki backup strategy

This page describes the current backup strategy for the OborWiki Network.

Daily archive

Once per day, the following takes place:

  1. The entire wikifarm is zipped up into a tarball.
  2. The tarball is download to Obormot’s (i.e., my) personal server.
  3. The downloaded tarball (along with all previous ones) is backed up, via Time Machine, to two separate backup volumes (one of which is a RAID5).

If you want the latest backed-up version of your wiki (or, indeed, any previous date’s version) sent to you as a gzipped tarball, contact me. (If you want the entire daily version history of your wiki, this is also doable, but it may take several days for me to get around to it.)

Git version control

Additionally, upon request, your wiki may be placed under (git) version control.

In that case, the following will happen: