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December 12, 2017, at 11:19 AM by Obormot in Content (0 comments)

There hasn’t been a good way for anyone to know what’s going on with OborWiki—what new (or even existing) content is there, what features are being added, etc. This blog is to change that.

I’m kicking off the OborWiki Blog with a tour of some of the (in my opinion) coolest / most interesting / most useful stuff on the wiki1.


In no particular order:


Pages on OborWiki that aren’t just static content, but do things:

Fonts demo
View and compare a wide (and growing) selection of webfonts.
Equation Editor
Render LaTeX formulas into SVG format.
Graph Generator
Create graph visualizations using GraphViz.

Custom OborWiki features

Entirely custom capabilities (i.e. PmWiki recipes) that I’ve created just for OborWiki.

Automatic Logo
How to upload a logo for your wiki (like the logo you see at the top-left of this wiki).
If your wiki is under git version control, you can trigger commits via the web (or curl, etc.).
Inter-Wiki Reference
A way for the wikis hosted on the OborWiki Network to behave, in many ways, as if they’re all one giant wiki.

OborWiki documentation, tips, hints

OborWiki’s features are incompletely documented, but there’s more info available than you might realize.

Available wiki recipes
A list of what optional features are available for hosted wikis.
Available wiki skins
Change the look of your wiki.
OborWiki backup strategy
How I ensure that nothing on the OborWiki Network is ever lost.
How to create access toggle buttons (on OborWiki)
A convenient way to control per-page read / edit permissions on your wiki.
How to use webfonts on your wiki
Typography is important, and using webfonts is easy on OborWiki.
Using the Vector jumpbox
That search box in the upper-right-hand corner of the page has some surprising features!
Dynamic PmWiki forms with HttpVariables
An example of how to create a web form in a wiki page.

Web design & development

A grab bag of tips, tricks, useful links, demos, examples, etc.

Circular click target demo
Some tricky CSS for creating perfectly circular “button” links (e.g. for dates, page numbers, etc.).
Drop-caps demo
Start your text with beautiful drop caps.
How to ensure that browsers properly cache assets on your site
Configuring cache control properly can massively reduce the load time of your website for repeat visitors.

Archived content

Obscure or hard to find stuff, archived on OborWiki.

Soviet kids’ atlas
A very cool piece of late-Soviet history.
The Art of Controversy
Arthur Schopenhauer’s short but excellent book on debating tactics.


Having to do with OborWiki itself.

OborWiki Issue Tracking System
Feel free to add issues!
Suggestions Box
Tell me what you think of OborWiki, suggest new features, etc.

1 This is just about the “main wiki” a.k.a. my wiki, i.e.; owners of other wikis / blogs hosted on the OborWiki Network can, if they like, comment with links to content on their wikis that they’d like to draw people’s attention to.

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