OborWiki Issue Tracking System

This is the issue tracker for the OborWiki Network.

ITSList contains a combined list of all ITS entries. Items listed as "Awaiting Feedback" are waiting for input from others before any action is taken.

Active issues

Awaiting feedback

These are the issues that are needing further feedback or discussion before they can be acted upon. Feel free to contribute your opinions to them to help PmWiki's designers make a correct decision!

Suspended issues

Suspended issues are items that are open for consideration, but aren't being immediately addressed either for technical reasons or because with PmWiki Philosophy #3 there's not enough interest/priority to make the issue "ripe". Adding priority votes or details to these items may help to move them back to open status.

Inactive entries

These PITS discussions have been inactive for 365 days or more. If some issues were not resolved in recent PmWiki releases, please edit the corresponding entry and provide more information. The entry will automatically reappear in the Active issues lists.

Closed issues

Issues that are considered resolved (fixed, added or declined). If you feel some listed issue requires some action, you can either reopen it, or create a new one.

00001 : Moderation
Closed 0.0 (1) Unable to display HTTP 451 for preregistration entries about gambling