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GitCommit is a custom PmWiki recipe, written for the OborWiki Network. It provides a web API for triggering git commits of a wiki’s git repository (see OborWiki backup strategy).

GitCommit is disabled by default on all wikis. If your wiki is under version control, you may request for GitCommit to be enabled for your wiki. (If you do so, you may also opt to have your wiki excluded from automatic daily commits.)


When GitCommit is enabled, you can trigger a commit via a GET request to https://<your-wiki-name>

GitCommit uses pmwiki’s auth system; only a client that’s authenticated as a wiki admin can trigger a commit. If a non-authenticated client tries to trigger a commit, the usual authentication prompt page will be shown.

Alternatively, the SiteAdmin.GitCommit page on your wiki can be used to trigger a commit manually.