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New OborWiki feature: image carousels with Responsive Slides

December 29, 2017, at 03:30 AM by Obormot in Features, Updates (0 comments)

The Responsive Slides recipe is now installed on OborWiki (off by default; you can enable it via the Configurator). It lets you easily create an image carousel from a list of image attachments.

It works pretty simply:

(:responsiveslides auto=false:)

>>gallery width=900px height=600px margin='1em auto'<<
* Attach:Soviet_kids_atlas_pp4-5.JPG"Foreword"
  %rcaption% Foreword
* Attach:Soviet_kids_atlas_pp6-7.JPG"This Wondrous World"
  %rcaption% This Wondrous World
* Attach:Soviet_kids_atlas_pp8-9.JPG"The Starry Sky"
  %rcaption% The Starry Sky
* Attach:Soviet_kids_atlas_pp10-11.JPG"The Solar System / The Sun and the Planets"
  %rcaption% The Solar System / The Sun and the Planets

(Note that the (:responsiveslides:) need only appear once on a page. It will automatically process all the image-gallery lists on the page, however many there are.)

See the Responsive Slides recipe info page for documentation/instructions.

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