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Pineapple baked salmon

(Thanks to Brent Dill a.k.a. ialdabaoth for the original version of this recipe. I have made minor tweaks to it.)



  1. Dice up a pineapple, 12″ chunks or so
  2. Throw it in a ziplock bag with a couple tablespoons of honey and like a tablespoon of lemon juice, shake real well to coat, let it sit there for at least 1hr to macerate (longer is better, throw it in the fridge if it’s longer)
  3. Get a couple lbs. of salmon, couple big chunks…
  4. Wash, pat dry, rub it down with your flavoring mix
  5. Put the salmon on a parchment-lined baking sheet
  6. Drain and reserve the liquid from the pineapple
  7. Reduce said liquid, with a bit more of the flavoring mix, until it's a thin glaze instead of just liquid
  8. Cover the salmon with the pineapple chunks, just like, a mound of them, to cover it
  9. Pour glaze on top
  10. Bake covered @ 425°F for 45min, uncover and bake another 15min