Hand-made foam board dice tower

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This is a dice tower that I designed and built. It’s made out of 3/16″ (approx. 5 mm) thick foam board and held together with basic PVA-based glue (I used Elmer's Glue-All). I covered the exterior surfaces of the dice tower with duct tape (for structural reinforcement, and to give it a cool-looking black exterior). I then added a layer of clear packing tape to guard against fraying, tearing, snagging, and peeling of the duct tape.

This dice tower is very sturdy, lightweight, and rolls quite well. It was also pretty easy to assemble, and fairly inexpensive (I estimate that the materials come to less than $4.00; if you skip the duct tape wrapping, you could reduce that to as little as $2.00)—much cheaper than purchasing any of the dice towers available on the internet, and better quality than many of them as well. It does take a bit of time (perhaps a couple of hours) to put the thing together.

You can download printable schematics for the dice tower’s components, as well as assembly instructions, below.


A note on the schematics:

The labeled schematics do not indicate the width of the “tabs” on each panel (that is, the short prortrusions, set off with dashed grey lines, that indicate areas of each panel that come into contact with the panel(s) to which it attaches). The width of the tabs is the same as the thickness of all the panels—that is, the thickness of the foam board that you cut the panels out of. I used 3/16″-thick board (which is a standard thickness and works quite well), so all of the tabs are 3/16″ (approx. 5 mm) wide. If you wanted to use board of a different thickness, you would have to adjust the width of the tabs (and the width of the cutouts in the two side walls).

Note: These PDFs do not display properly in some browsers. Download the files and open them in Acrobat Reader or Preview, which should display them correctly.


Completed dice tower photos