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Origin Stamp Explanation

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[14:24] <namespc> Obormot\Gaia: Preliminary thoughts.
[14:25] <namespc> This is my suspicion of how it works but first let me ask.
[14:25] <namespc> Obormot\Gaia: Do you know how OriginStamp actually works, at the low level?
[14:26] <namespc> (Eh it doesn't take that long to explain I'll just say it.)
[14:27] <namespc> So OriginStamp does not take your hash and directly put it on the blockchain, blockchain stored information is *very* expensive.
[14:27] <namespc> IIRC like, 23 cents for a SHA256
[14:28] <namespc> What OriginStamp does, is it aggregates multiple hashes together and hashes them, then stores *that* on the blockchain.
[14:28] <namespc> Blockchains are really just a form of notary.
[14:28] <namespc> The degenerate case is notarizing who owns what tokens based on what transactions, but actually Bitcoin lets you notarize a lot of other shit besides.
[14:29] <namespc> (Ethereum adds operations, so you can encode the operations that should be notarized or whatever directly without the interfacing.)
[14:29] <namespc> (eg. If this state happens, notarize this person as now owning this house.)
[14:29] <namespc> (And the other person now owning 200k Ethereum tokens.)
[14:30] <namespc> Obormot\Gaia: So, to verify an OriginStamp on your own, you need three things.
[14:30] <namespc> You need the point on the blockchain where the daily hash was entered.
[14:31] <namespc> You need the daily 'seed file' (I think that's what that is anyway) the hash was computed from where *your* hashes were entered into for aggregation.
[14:31] <namespc> And then you need the original document whose hash is in the seed file.
[14:31] <namespc> So, given a OriginStamp entry the API lets you pull that file for verification.
[14:31] <namespc> For our purposes, this is semi-irrelevant.
[14:32] <namespc> Because we don't need to verify our hashes, that's other peoples issue. We can just link to the thing on their website that lets you query entries to verify their authenticity.
[14:32] <namespc> If other people want to dig deeper, they can but if they don't trust us then us implementing it for them. won't help
[14:33] <namespc> *them won't help
[14:33] <namespc> Obormot\Gaia: Does that make sense?