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Web Form Example 1

(See the page source for the CSS.)

(:title Project Registration Database:)

This page is the submission form for the [[rdb.project | '''project registration database''']].

!! Make An Entry


(:fox rdbf template=Rdb.Dbtemplate redirect=1:)

(:input hidden target '{(newticket Rdb)}':)


(:cellnr class='field-label':) Filer
(:cellnr:) (:input text filer size=72:) 
(:cellnr class='field-caption':) Who is filing this entry?

(:cellnr class='field-label':) Project Name
(:cellnr:) (:input text pname size=72:)
(:cellnr class='field-caption':) What the project is named, called, etc.

(:cellnr class='field-label':) Principals(s)
(:cellnr:) (:input text principals size=72:)
(:cellnr class='field-caption':) Who is ‘in charge’ of the project.

(:cellnr class='field-label':) Contact Email
(:cellnr:) (:input email contact_email size=72:)
(:cellnr class='field-caption':) An email address to mail to for more information, offers to help, etc.

(:cellnr class='field-label':) Homepage
(:cellnr:) (:input url homepage size=72:)
(:cellnr class='field-caption':) A web address at which up to date information can be found about the project.

(:cellnr class='field-label':) Project Description
(:cellnr class='field-caption':) A description of what the project actually consists of/is.
(:cellnr:) (:input textarea description [==] rows=20 cols=72:)

(:cellnr:) (:input submit post "Submit":)


(:foxend rdbf:)