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New OborWiki feature: automatic URL archiving with

December 15, 2017, at 02:34 AM by Obormot in Features, Updates (0 comments)

The Archive URL recipe is now installed on OborWiki (off by default; you can enable it via the Configurator).

When Archive URL is enabled, you can place the (:archiveurls:) directive on any page to enable automatic URL archiving for external links on that page. (You can also put the directive in a group’s GroupHeader to enable URL archiving for the whole group, or put it in the Site.AllGroupHeader page to enable URL archiving for your whole wiki.)

Once you’ve done this, any external weblinks (i.e., hyperlinks to webpages outside your wiki) on any page where URL archiving is enabled will be automatically submitted to the next time that page is loaded. (This will only happen once for any particular unique URL, as Archive URL maintains a cache of submitted URLs, and does not submit the same URL twice.)

Archive URL has three modes of operation, which differ in what’s done with the archive-link (the link to the archived version, on, of a URL). (Switching between these modes is something only I can do1, so once you enable Archive URL on your wiki, let me know which mode you prefer.)

Append archive link to live link (default mode)

In append mode, an external link is left untouched, but a link to the archived version is inserted after the live link (labeled “archived”).

Replace live link with archive link

In replace mode, the original link is not shown at all; instead, the linked text stays the same, but the URL of the hyperlink is the URL of the archived version.

Invisible mode

In invisible mode, absolutely nothing is done to the hyperlink that appears on the page; it is wholly unmodified. Archive URL submits the URL to silently, behind the scenes, showing no outward sign of anything having happened.


1 For now; providing wiki owners with a way to control this setting (and other similar settings) directly is on the OborWiki development roadmap.

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