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Complete Issues List

000792017-11-26Other  OpenAdd note about having to auth to services on the chat page
000782017-11-23Bug 4OpenAbout text box from profile has no character limit
000772017-11-23Feature 3OpenError message for invalid name can be more specific
000762017-11-23Bug 3OpenUser page updates with invalid username
000752017-11-23Bug 1OpenNot all text is masked in Recent comments sidebar
000742017-11-06Bug 4OpenRecent comments sidebar covers guidelines text on submission page
000732017-10-26Feature 3WaitingAdd Tag Bundles
000722017-10-22Bug 4OpenAdd alt-text to story links in sidebar
000712017-10-22Appearance 3OpenWhere should sidebar be on story pages?
000702017-10-22Appearance 3WaitingIncrease size of hover target to expand comments in sidebar
000692017-10-22Bug 5OpenList styling in comments in Recent Comments sidebar
000682017-10-18Feature 2Openadd feature to submit non-story links to archive.is
000672017-10-16Feature 3Open"My upvoted stories" feed
000662017-10-16Bug 5ClosedAutomatic caching doesn't actually automatically cache
000652017-10-16Bug 2OpenUnchecking "I am the author" after previewing a text post doesn't stick
000642017-10-15Appearance 5OpenNew layout doesn't work on mobile
000632017-10-15Feature 2Open"Smart" (per-domain) submission guidelines/warnings
000622017-10-14Feature 3OpenThere needs to be a way to disable click tracking in user preferences
000612017-10-14Bug 5Closed'link' button on comments links to lobsters.obormot.net
000602017-10-13Bug 4OpenFix story submission page layout
000592017-10-13  3ClosedRight click counts don't add to count clicker
000582017-10-13Bug 4OpenClick count should be "people who clicked" count
000572017-10-13Feature 2WaitingAnnounce tag with high hotness
000562017-10-12Community 3OpenDocument hidden features
000552017-10-12  2OpenAdd tag suggestions (and send them to mods)
000542017-10-12  3OpenMerged story tags are shown by default and look ugly as sin
000532017-10-12Feature 1OpenRe-implement push notifications without Pushover
000522017-10-12Feature 1OpenRe-implement Mailing List Mode without Diffbot
000512017-10-12Feature 1OpenAdd public stats display
000502017-10-12Bug 1OpenPushover account info setting missing
000492017-10-12Feature 1OpenAdd something other than Markdown as options for commenting
000482017-10-12Feature 4WaitingShow downvote reasons to everyone
000472017-10-12Feature 1OpenAdd save-counts to story display
000462017-10-12Feature 2OpenExport click counts
000452017-10-12Feature 3OpenMake user tree easier to access
000442017-10-12Content 4OpenRectify flags
000432017-10-12Content 2OpenAdd 'media' property to media tags
000422017-10-12Content 3OpenAdd ask/tell/show tags
000412017-10-12Content 2OpenAdd tag descriptions
000402017-10-12Bug 1OpenImprove the quote smartening algorithm
000392017-10-11Feature 5OpenAdd the new downvote categories to the system
000382017-10-11Appearance 2OpenAdd tag_meta class to some other tags
000372017-10-11Feature 2OpenAdd link to /tags from the top-level nav UI somewhwere
000362017-10-11Feature 1OpenAdd "year" to "top stories of the last..." menu
000352017-10-07Feature 2OpenMake hiding a comment thread persist
000342017-10-06Feature  OpenLet users edit their posts (incl. tags) and comments
000332017-10-06Feature 2Open'showdead' (page to show deleted posts)
000322017-10-05Feature 3OpenRegret Minimization Voting
000312017-10-05Content 3OpenAdd tag 'effective altruism'
000302017-10-05Community 2Suspendedmeetups feature
000292017-10-05Feature 2SuspendedGravatar Avatars are the spawn of Satan
000282017-10-05Feature 1OpenAdd smartquoter
000272017-10-04Content  ClosedAdd 'math' tag
000262017-10-04Feature 1ClosedAdd wiki link
000252017-10-04Feature 2OpenAdd ability to save comments, just like posts can be saved
000242017-10-04Feature 2OpenAdd quotation marks to auto-fetched titles
000232017-10-04Feature 2OpenAdd reading-time estimate feature
000222017-10-03Bug 2Closed50 karma doesn't give users the downvote
000212017-10-03Content 4Openput a sticky link to readthesequences.com on top of the links list
000202017-10-03Feature 2WaitingTweak the frontpage sorting algorithm decay speed
000192017-10-03Feature 3SuspendedArchive section with the best posts of each year and month
000182017-10-03Feature 3Open“Best” tab in addition to “Recent”
000172017-10-03Feature 4OpenSidebar with curated list of recommended reading
000162017-10-03Feature 1OpenAdd WYSIWYG editor
000152017-10-03Feature 3OpenDrafts feature for posts
000142017-10-03Feature 2OpenAdd accesskeys for actions
000132017-10-03Appearance 2OpenUpgrade text post appearance
000122017-10-03Feature 33ClosedLet me see how many people clicked through on my link (could use JS to track link clicks, since we already use JS).
000112017-10-03Other 2ClosedPlace code under version control
000102017-10-02Feature 3OpenBetter pagination for the main feed
000092017-10-02Bug 4Closed"Find Title" button strips stuff from URL
000082017-10-01Feature 2OpenAdd visitor/activity counter/stats
000072017-10-01Feature 2OpenAcquire and install IRC bot
000062017-10-01Appearance 2OpenAdd theme switching
000052017-10-01Community 4ClosedAdd a Downvote Guidelines page
000042017-10-01Feature 2WaitingAdd a Privacy page
000032017-10-01Feature 3ClosedAdd an About page + usage info
000022017-10-01Feature 4OpenImprove the search
000012017-10-01Feature 1OpenAdd Google Alerts-like functionality to WL search