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Automatic Logo

Automatic Logo is a custom PmWiki recipe, written for the OborWiki Network. It allows you to set a page logo without having to request that I (Obormot) modify the server config for your wiki. All you need to do is upload the logo!

Automatic Logo is enabled by default on all wikis.


Attach an appropriately named logo to your Site/Site page.

The logo should be named pagelogo, with any of these extensions:

(Note: capitalization of the file extension matters! The extension must be lowercase.)


If there are multiple files named pagelogo, then a .gif takes precedence over a .jpeg, etc., in the order of the list above.

Alternate logo

Some skins (such as Vector) use an additional, alternate logo (most commonly, for the mobile version of a page). You can supply an alternate pagelogo by attaching a file named pagelogo-alt to your Site/Site page. (The alternate pagelogo may have any of the above extensions, just like the default pagelogo).

(If you don't supply an alternate pagelogo, then the default pagelogo will be used in cases where the alternate pagelogo would be.)