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Using the Vector jumpbox

The Vector PmWiki skin (which you can see in use on this wiki) has a very useful, but not so obvious, feature—the jumpbox.

What is this “jumpbox”?

It’s the search box at the top right of the page, next to the page actions—where it says “Search OborWiki” in this picture:

That’s not just a search field??

Nope! Sure, you can use it to search the wiki. But what happens if you put in a page name into the jumpbox, and hit Enter? Why, you jump right to that page!

Do I have to put in a page name in the full Group.Name format?

Not necessarily! Here’s how it works:

But what if I really do want to search for the name of a page that exists, and do not want to jump to it?

Just go to the actual Search page (either hit Enter with the jumpbox left blank, or click the magnifying-glass button), and do your search there.

So is jumping right to a page all the jumpbox does (besides searching)? Or is there more?

There is more! If you prepend the name of a page with one of the Vector jumpbox shortcut characters, then instead of just jumping to that page, you’re taken to an alternate view (action) of that page. Here are the shortcuts:

#Attach (upload action)
$Source (source action)
%History (diff action)
^Edit (edit action)
&Attributes (attr action)

(So, for, instance, entering ^GroupHeader into the jumpbox means “edit the GroupHeader page of the current group”, while entering %Site.StyleSheet into the jumpbox means “view the edit history of the Site.StyleSheet page”.)

1 Example:

## add default group (Main) to page search path 
$PagePathFmt = array(
      '{$Group}.$1',           # page in current group
      '{$DefaultGroup}.$1',    # page in default group (Main)
      '$1.$1',                 # group home page
      '$1.{$DefaultName}',     # group home page
SDV($DefaultPage, 'Main.HomePage');
$pagename = MakePageName($DefaultPage, $pagename);