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New OborWiki feature: email obfuscation

December 17, 2017, at 09:17 PM by Obormot in Features, Updates (0 comments)

The DeObMail recipe is now installed on OborWiki (disabled by default; you can enable it via the Configurator). It obfuscates email address links on wikipages, preventing them from being harvested by bots.

When DeObMail is active, email links will automatically be transformed as pages are rendered—only to be deobfuscated client-side, via JavaScript, so that human users will see a normal email address.1

Once activated, you need not do anything special to use the recipe; it works automatically (but do give the DeObMail info page a quick read, so that you’re aware of its limitations).


1 Users with JS disabled will see the obfuscated email address, just like bots—but the obfuscated form is human-readable.

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