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Shared wikipages

December 12, 2017, at 12:14 PM by Obormot in Features (0 comments)

All wikis hosted on the OborWiki Network have many wikipages that already exist as soon as the wiki is created, before that wiki’s owner creates a single new page. These are “shared” or “default” pages; they are stored centrally, and each wiki on the OborWiki Network has, by default, the exact same version of that page.

The default copies of shared wikipages can’t be modified; if you edit one of these pages, a local copy (specific to your wiki) is created, and any changes you make apply to that copy. Your local copy of any shared page overrides the original (default) copy.

If you don’t modify a shared page, then any updates I make to the default copy of that page will automatically apply to your wiki. If you do modify a shared page (i.e., create a local copy), then any updates I make to the default copy of that page won’t apply to your wiki (because your local copy will override it).

If you’ve modified a shared wikipage (i.e. created a local copy), you can delete that page; rather than actually making the page nonexistent (as would happen if you deleted any page you created yourself), this will simply cause the “deleted” shared page to revert to its default version. (Attempting to delete an unmodified shared wikipage simply has no effect whatsoever.)

The following pages are shared pages:

  • Everything in the PmWiki/ group (this is the official PmWiki documentation, which comes with any install of PmWiki)

  • Most pages in the SiteAdmin/ group:
    • SiteAdmin/
    • SiteAdmin/AuthControl
    • SiteAdmin/AuthList
    • SiteAdmin/AuthUser
    • SiteAdmin/Configurator
    • SiteAdmin/FoxConfig
    • SiteAdmin/GitCommit
    • SiteAdmin/GroupAttributes
    • SiteAdmin/Status

  • Most pages in the Site/ group:
    • Site/
    • Site/AuthForm
    • Site/AuthUser (this simply redirects to SiteAdmin/AuthUser)
    • Site/EditForm
    • Site/EditQuickReference
    • Site/GroupAttributes
    • Site/LocalTemplates
    • Site/PageActions
    • Site/PageListTemplates
    • Site/PageNotFound
    • Site/PmFormTemplates
    • Site/Preferences
    • Site/SharedTemplates
    • Site/SideBar
    • Site/SiteMap (added 2017-12-16)
    • Site/UploadForm
    • Site/UploadQuickReference

  • Several other pages:
    • Main/HomePage
    • Main/WikiSandbox
    • Category/GroupFooter

  • Everything in the Settings/ group:
    • Settings/
    • Settings/SkinSelect

If you use the Vector skin (in use on this wiki), then you will also see the following shared pages:

  • Category/Category
  • Site/TalkPageHeader
  • Site/TalkTemplate

If you use the BlogIt blogging engine, then you will also see the following shared pages:

  • Site/BlogIt-Admin
  • Site/BlogIt-CoreTemplate
  • Site/BlogIt-SideBar
  • Site/BlogList
  • Site/XLPage-BlogIt

NOTE: SiteAdmin/RecipeConfig-OriginStamp is not a shared page, though it acts in some ways like one. Rather, it is created automatically if you enable the OriginStamp recipe. As long as OriginStamp is enabled, SiteAdmin/RecipeConfig-OriginStamp will be automatically re-created if you delete it. If you disable OriginStamp, then you can delete SiteAdmin/RecipeConfig-OriginStamp for good (although it will be re-created if you re-enable the recipe). (This behavior may change in future versions of OriginStamp.)

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