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Available wiki recipes

The following pmwiki recipes are installed on OborWiki. Some are already enabled for all wikis; others may be enabled upon request. (Likewise, if you'd like some of the enabled-by-default recipes disabled for your wiki, contact me.)

(If you are interested in a recipe that's available from Cookbook:Cookbook, but not listed here, contact me and I'll consider installing it.)

Installed Recipe Enabled for all wikis? Notes
ActionLog no Log all pageactions.
AddLinkTagsBookmarklet no Using your wiki as a bookmark repository; easily bookmark pages via a bookmarklet.
AllGroupHeader yes Create a side-wide header/footer and a default group header/footer.
Ape (Automatical PmWiki Embed) no Embed videos, maps and more in wiki pages.
Archive URL no Automatially submit external weblinks to
Attache-ImageSizer yes Automatically generate image thumbnails and do other ImageMagick stuff.
If you enable Versioned Assets, Attache-ImageSizer breaks. This will be fixed at some point.
AttachTable yes Much more useful and powerful attachment list.
AuthUser no User-based authentication.
AutomaticLogo yes Custom recipe that automatically detects and uses an uploaded page logo file.
B3 no Simple blogging engine.
Blockquote-Cite-Quote yes Quote/blockquote markup (not the other ones listed on the info page!).
BlogIt no Full-featured blogging engine.
Note: If BlogIt is enabled on your wiki, the IncludeSection recipe (see below) must be switched to the alternate markup!
Captcha no Allows embedding captchas into forms.
ChessMarkup no Display chessboards in arbitrary positions.
CleanUp yes Remove old deleted pages & deleted uploads, clear caches.
CodeMirror no Syntax coloring & other editing enhancements.
This recipe is broken somehow, and I don't have the time to troubleshoot it. Sorry.
CommentBoxPlus no Add a comments form to any page
Convert HTML no Automatically convert HTML into pmwiki markup.
Note: If this recipe is enabled, and Markdown Markup (see below) is also enabled, then Markdown will not be able to parse HTML.
(:css:) markup yes Page-scope CSS injection.
CSVAction no Automatically export tables as CSV (comma-separate value) files
CSVInclude no Display attached .csv files as tables
Delete action yes Adds a delete pageaction; disables the default page deletion mechanism.
DeObMail no Email (de)obfuscator.
DictIndex yes Custom pagelist template that sorts & separates listed pages by letter of the alphabet.
DragDropMultiUpload yes Batch-upload files via drag-and-drop.
ExpireDiff yes Clear a page's history.
FastCache no Caches generated page HTML for extremely fast page loads.
Note: OborWiki does have access to mod_rewrite, allowing the web server to bypass PHP entirely and serve completely static cached pages directly from the cache.
FeedLinks no Adds html-header links for auto-discovery of rss/atom feeds
FileAttachList yes List available attachments above edit form; click to insert.
Find in Page no Find and highlight text in a page.
Font Awesome no Many free vector icons.
Footnotes yes Add footnote markup
Fox no Powerful forms processor. (Fox plugins available: Fox Delete, Fox Edit, Fox Notify.)
Gist Embed no Embed Gists in a wikipage.
GitCommit no Custom recipe that adds a web API for triggering a commit of a wiki that’s under version control (see OborWiki backup strategy).
HandyTableOfContents yes Markup to auto-generate page ToC.
HttpVariables yes Access HTTP variables from within wiki page.
Img Focus no Click to view an image with a dimmed and blurred background. Support scroll to zoom.
Note: This recipe is totally indiscriminate, and very CPU-intensive (for the client)! Do not enable it unless you’re confident that everyone who visits your wiki and clicks on images has a modern, powerful computer.
IncludeSection yes Alternate way to include sections of pages.
Note: If you have BlogIt enabled, the markup for IncludeSection will be (:includesec:) instead of the default (:includesection:); this is because BlogIt defines its own (:includesection:) markup.
Include Upload no Include an uploaded text or HTML file in a wikipage.
IncludeUrl yes Transclude arbitrary URLs into a wikipage.
Inter-Wiki Reference no Allows linking, transclusion, pagelists, and searching between participating wikis on OborWiki.
Note: See the Inter-Wiki Reference info page for a list of known issues.
Link Icons yes Links to files automatically badged with icons indicating file type.
LocalCSS yes Variable-scope CSS injection.
Markdown Markup Extension no Allows the use of Markdown
Note: Markdown Extra is also available; the extra features may be enabled upon request.
Markup Expressions Plus no Powerful new markup expressions
Note: Also includes the {(calc)} expression from Cookbook:MarkupExpressionSamples
MathJax no Add markup to embed math using TeX syntax. (Javascript-based)
Maxi no An image viewer with inline zoom, suitable for large drawings or panoramas.
MediaCategories yes MediaWiki-style category markup / category boxes.
MovePage yes Copy or move or renames pages via a form.
New Page Box Plus no Adds customizable box plus button form for page creation.
OpenSearch no Search your wiki from your browser's searchbox.
OriginStamp no Automatically submit certain created or edited pages to the blockchain.
PageListMultiTargets no Allows specifying pagelists of pages that refer to one of, or all of, multiple specified links.
Pastebin Embed no Embed Pastebin pastes in a wikipage.
PITS no Issue tracker.
PasteImgUpload yes Upload an image by pasting it into edit field.
PmFeed no Embed an RSS feed into a wiki page
PmForm no Form processing engine.
PmGraphViz no Produced graphs using graphviz inside of PmWiki.
Note: The [= and =] is not necessary, contrary to what the instructions on say; omit that part of the markup.
Pm Pygment no Syntax highlighting for code blocks, via the Pygments syntax highlighter.
PowerTools no Markup expressions that extend the page list feature.
PreviewChanges yes Show diff list when previewing a page edit.
RecipeCheck yes Check to see if installed recipes are up to date.
RefCount yes Enabled the refcount (page reference count) pageaction.
SectionEdit no Edit individual page sections.
Note: There is a bug in SectionEdit that, when the recipe is enabled, causes pmwiki to fail to display large (≥ ~240KB page source) pages. Enable SectionEdit at your own risk until I can resolve this issue!
Set HTTP Headers no Specify HTTP status code via a page directive.
SiteAnalyzer no Checks your wiki for vulnerabilities and problems, using's analysis tool.
SkinTweak no Custom recipe that adjusts the appearance of certain skins.
Sortable Tables no Allow tables to be made sortable by column (and provides a couple of other table features).
Note: If this recipe is enabled, then the attachment table generated by AttachTable will not be sortable.
Stylepage yes Create custom stylesheets.
TitleCased yes Better automatic page title capitalization.
Toggle yes Add markup to show/hide page elements with a click.
TotalCounter no A statistic counter - counts page views, users, languages, browsers, operating systems, referers, locations and web bots
TrueLatex no Server-side LaTeX rendering (with caching).
Note: OborWiki uses a custom version of this recipe, which renders into SVG (and does not use ImageMagick).
UpForm yes Customizable upload form.
Versioned Assets yes Add versions (modification timestamps) to attachment URLs, so that browser caches invalidate properly when attachments are updated.
Very Simple To-Do no Simple to-do list widget. (The version installed on OborWiki is the “lesssimpletodolist.php” version.)
WebFeeds yes Use RSS / Atom / etc. to be notified of new RecentChanges entries. (Also allows dynamic construction of custom RSS feeds.)
Note: This recipe is currently incompatible with the RSS feed of blog posts provided by BlogIt. I am working on resolving this.