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AQ Progression Jormungand

Ahn’Qiraj Progression


  • I’m doing my part! Help open the gates of Ahn'Qiraj
  • Roll call Help your raid’s chosen champion become a Scarab Lord
  • Loadout Get 15 people in your raid a nature resist gear set
  • It’s only a training simulation Complete AQ 20 within one raid week for your entire roster
  • You can panic now Complete AQ 40 within one raid week

Basic Training

  • Bugs, did someone say bugs? Loot enough bug mounts for everyone on your raid roster
  • Make it double Maintain 90 percent attendance or higher on your roster for 5 weeks
  • Not bad, maggot Clear AQ 40 and all old content within one raid week


  • Your momma so proud Complete AQ on one designated raid day and all other content on the other day (split raid)
  • That's all you got? Do “Your Momma So Proud” achievement 6 times
  • Make it triple Maintain 90 percent attendance for 6 weeks while doing “Your Momma So Proud” achievement

Honorable Discharge

  • Too easy Complete AQ 40 with no deaths
  • What else do you expect? Complete all older raid content with no deaths
  • No man left behind Complete AQ 40 and all older raid content within one raid week with no deaths
  • Oorah! Complete AQ 40 and all older raid content on the same raid night