DieBot Desktop

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A simple but powerful die-roller application for Mac OS X.

DOWNLOAD the latest version (1.0a9).


DieBot Desktop works with Mac OS X 10.6 and up.

DieBot Desktop takes full advantage of multicore CPUs, letting you roll millions of dice per second!


DieBot Desktop can be used in several different ways.

Using DieBot Desktop as a graphical app

To use DieBot Desktop as a graphical app, just double-click the DieBot Desktop application and type roll commands into the text entry field at the bottom. The output for the command will appear in the text view at the top.

Using DieBot Desktop from the command line

To use DieBot Desktop from the command line, run the executable file diebot, which is located in the Contents/MacOS/ folder inside the DieBot Desktop application package (right-click the application in the Finder and select “Show Package Contents”). (Don’t remove the executable from the package—it won’t work properly if you do that!)

You can pass the roll command and its parameters to diebot as command-line arguments, like this:

$ diebot roll 1d20+5 
1d20 < 17 = 17 > + 5 = 22 
$ diebot try 12 15 
1d20 < 8 = 8 > + 12 = 20 
1d20 < 12 = 12 > + 15 = 27 

Or, you can run diebot without any arguments, in which case it takes input from stdin, like so:

$ diebot 
roll 1d20+5 
1d20 < 17 = 17 > + 5 = 22 
try 12 15 
1d20 < 8 = 8 > + 12 = 20 
1d20 < 12 = 12 > + 15 = 27 

HINT: For easier access, make a symbolic link that points to the 'diebot' executable file and put the link somewhere in your $PATH.

Using DieBot Desktop as a Service

Place the DieBot Desktop Service file in your ~/Library/Services folder. You will then have access to the following three services:

You can select a roll command in any text field in an application that supports text services, and use any of the three DieBot services (either by selecting them from the Services submenu in the application menu, or the Services submenu of the right-click menu when clicking on the selected command).

HINT: Services are very flexible! You can assign a keyboard shortcut to a service by using the Keyboard prefpane in System Preferences (go to Shortcuts->Services; the DieBot Desktop services are in the Text Services section). Or, if you use Quicksilver, you can install the Services Menu plugin, which lets you trigger a text service on text you enter into the Quicksilver window.

Supported Commands

DieBot Desktop supports the same roll commands that other versions of DieBot (for IRC, etc.) do. The currently supported commands are listed below. (Commands are not case-sensitive.)

ROLL command

Evaluates one or more whitespace-separated die roll strings.

TRY command

Prepends 1d20+ to each of one or more whitespace-separated die roll commands, and evaluates each individually.

INIT command

Takes 1 or more arguments, each of which must be a roll command followed by ; (a semicolon) and a text label. Prepends 1d20+ to each roll command, evaluates each, and lists the results in descending order, each labeled with its provided label.

NOTE on labels: when using DieBot Desktop from the command line, you will have to enclose any roll command that has a label (i.e. one to which a semicolon followed by some text is appended) in quotation marks, else the shell will interpret the label as a new command.

ECHO command

Replies with the provided text.

About DieBot Desktop

DieBot Desktop is a standalone version of a die-roller chat bot that I wrote for use with IRC and other chat protocols.

DieBot Desktop uses several libraries which are licensed under the MIT license and available on GitHub: