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Resources for “Trans as Dysgenic Memetic Virus”

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So I'm going to write down what we have, but to start:
(In order of stuff it'll be easiest to get/low hanging fruit.)

Slatestarcodex posts

  1. Wants to pursue gender transition because of shame associated with male sexuality
  2. Was low status male and fixed their problems through transition
  3. Unnerved about a large percentage of their friends transitioning

Tumblr posts

  1. Monetize your cat/nostalgiabraist
  2. If it'll make you happier, transition:
  3. If you think you're trans you are:
  4. Interesting prior art from months earlier in which Ozy explicitly denounces this:
  5. Compare with their statement more recently:
  6. Example of OCD sufferer in the notes:
  7. A recent Ozy ask where Ozy said that there are to zir knowledge no psychiatric stuff to treat trans things: (This is *frightening* in the context of their other stuff.)
    ('I assure you that hormones are the best treatment for gender dysphoria, we've also never tried treating it the way you're talking about.' You believe these things at the same time and there's no alarm bells in your head, really?)
  8. The one I just linked from multiheaded:
  9. Trying to convince crossdressers they're trans.
  10. Geeks aren't gendered:
  11. Nonbinary considered a type of trans, 'go down a lot if more people knew':
  12. Misc:
  13. From the last post, it literally spreading in real time:

Transgenderrealities stuff/blog.

Reddit posts

  1. Prof. Michael Bailey weighs in on social contagion of gender dysphoria

Okay So At Least One Child Is Being Literally Tortured Over Trans Mania:

  1. (archived)