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New Vector feature: grouplink in pagetitle (breadcrumb)

December 14, 2017, at 01:29 PM by Obormot in Features, Updates (0 comments)

Look up at the top of this page, and you’ll see, above the title of this post, a “Blog” link. This is a new feature of the Vector skin (in use here on OborWiki); it adds a link to the group of the current page above the pagetitle (a form of breadcrumb navigation, in other words).

To enable this for your wiki, add the (:titlegroup:) directive to:

  • any page on which you want such a link to be displayed, or…
  • the GroupHeader of any group where you want such a link to be displayed on ever page, or…
  • the Site/AllGroupHeader page, if you want such a link to be displayed on every page.

There is also the converse markup, (:notitlegroup:), which you can place on a page to disable the pagetitle grouplink for that page only (i.e., if you’ve enabled it for a whole group or for your whole wiki, but don’t want it to display on a particular page).

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